Microsoft Azure


What is Microsoft Azure Development?

The Microsoft Azure is the Microsoft Company’s public cloud-based computing platform which agrees companies manage all their data centers as well as their applications/projects virtually. Currently, companies are approaches to cut down their expenses and to increase the operational efficiencies of their businesses in the global competitive environment. Today majority of the companies are searching for ways to manage their IT resource migration to the cloud computing. The Microsoft Azure development services which our company provides develop and deploy apps in a highly secure cloud environment across the worldwide network data centers which are managed by Microsoft Company.

Microsoft Azure Development services include

  • Building a hybrid IT environment in which the on-premises IT resources work inconsistency with cloud IT resources
  • Building and hosting websites in the Azure’s web server infrastructure
  • Developing mobile back-end services using the Azure SDKs for Windows, iOS, Android and HTML5
  • Building highly available and infinitely scalable cloud service applications and APIs
  • Implementing and managing the applications in Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines
  • Implementing Microsoft’s SaaS offerings like Office 365, SharePoint Online, CRM Online and Exchange Online