Cloud Solutions


Cloud Solution from SMAC Softwares GmbH

In today’s world, every business conversation rotates around SMAC Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud Computing, which enables enterprises to change their businesses by speeding up digital innovation, permitting agile business platforms and reduces time-to-market. As a well-known cloud computing service provider, SMAC Softwares GmbH help enterprises to move their current applications to public/private/hybrid cloud platforms and provide new cloud solutions development rapidly on cloud platforms meeting quality and application performance requirements.

Microsoft Azure

  • App Service
  • Active Directory
  • Container Service
  • Service Fabric
  • File Storage
  • Database Handling
  • Data Lake Analytics
  • Stream Analytics & many more…

Google Cloud 

  • Cloud Storage
  • Big Data
  • API Platform & Ecosystem
  • Internet of Things
  • Management Tools
  • Cloud Load Balancing & many more…