Internet of Things (IoT)


Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Changing the World with an Internet of Things (IoT)

SMAC Softwares GmbH provides innovative IoT solutions for POS, Automotive, Logistic & Industry 4.0 applications. The change in the world has a great purpose for the development of the Internet of Things (IoT). SMAC Softwares GmbH, IoT Solutions provider, is making an impact through IoT based Solutions across organizations and verticals – from retail stores and logistics to scaling down the energy consumption and immediate support.

Why Choose SMAC Softwares GmbH, as your IoT Solutions Provider

  • Scalable anything from Bluetooth sensors to robotics.
  • Absolute focus on product understanding from Specifications to Prototypes.
  • Complete solutions design and delivery of hardware equipment to an application layer.


Why the Internet of Things (IoT) and IoT Solutions needed for you?

Connectivity – Connect the two worlds offline and online. Consistently, through this, they can connect together and can make wonders for your business.

Data – There are several connections between many devices. So, IoT based solutions are all about gathering and securing the information with best open cloud technology.

Integrating Systems – IoT solutions are not there to swap your existing system but it is there to convert the existing system to new standards.

Security – Where there is information complex, security plays a vital role and so does in IoT. Consistently, information has to remain safe throughout transit. Also, while being stored or when used by the applications.

Remote monitoring – With IoT attached with any place, you can also keep a track on every system with a remote access. Besides, all the data is in the cloud which gives you comprehensive freedom of accessibility.

Projection and analysis – Not to mention that the genuine purpose of IoT application is to tone down the cost of analysis and projections with real-time. Besides, it also guarantees the accurate data for better use and wider growth.