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Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Changing the World with an Internet of Things (IoT)

SMAC Softwares GmbH provides innovative IoT solutions for POS, Automotive, Logistic & Industry 4.0 applications. The change in the world has a great purpose for the development of the Internet of Things (IoT). SMAC Softwares GmbH, IoT Solutions provider, is making an impact through IoT based Solutions across organizations and verticals – from retail stores and logistics to scaling down the energy consumption and immediate support.


Why Choose SMAC Softwares GmbH, as your IoT Solutions Provider

Scalable anything from bluetooth sensors to robotics

Absolute focus on product understanding from Specifications to Prototypes

Complete solutions design and delivery of hardware equipment

Why the Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Needed for You?


Connect the two worlds offline and online. Consistently, through this, they can connect together and can make wonders for your business.


There are several connections between many devices. So, IoT-based solutions are all about gathering and securing the information with the best open cloud technology.

Integrating Systems

IoT solutions are not there to swap your existing system but it is there to convert the existing system to new standards.


Where there is information complex, security plays a vital role and so does in IoT. Consistently, information has to remain safe throughout transit. Also, while being stored or when used by the applications.

Remote Monitoring

With IoT attached to any place, you can also keep track of every system with remote access. Besides, all the data is in the cloud which gives you comprehensive freedom of accessibility.

Projection and Analysis

Not to mention that the genuine purpose of IoT application is to tone down the cost of analysis and projections with real-time. Besides, it also guarantees accurate data for better use and wider growth.

Our IoT Product Development Services

Design & Engineering

We create a thoughtful design to create an easy-to-use product that helps your brand bring a vision to life.

Our team develops physical prototypes that duplicate the product experience to ensure a seamless user experience. We implement the Design for Manufacture principle for the design of IoT products.


Our product design and engineering group make use of progressive methods to prototype the product concept earlier than the improvement is initiated. It allows us to get hold of consumer remarks speedy and enhance the functionality, saving time and improving cost.

Using fast iterations, our IoT product improvement professionals can produce tangible prototypes that may be viewed, evaluated, tested and improved.

Hardware & Firmware Development

Our skilled electronics and embedded structures engineers can upload specific styles of connectivity in your product, which includes cellular, RFID, GPS, Bluetooth, WIFI and different connectivity options.

Our group additionally designs, codes and tests the firmware of the related hardware.

Manufacturing Support

We also can do custom changes if any element calls for minor changes.

We additionally offer digital issue layout and sourcing, which include published circuit board assemblies, connectors, display and different components. Leveraging our know-how and current provider relationships, our customers gain from early product price estimating.

Firmware Development Services

Board Support Package

We provide the board support package service for board activation and hardware prototype testing to confirm whether all board components are working and connected accurately. We make sure the board is operational.

Network Connectivity

After the board are tested, we provide network connectivity to the IoT device. IoT devices can interact with mobile app or outside world with BLE or Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G / LTE or LoRaWAN as you need.

Power Management

We also use power management utilities for IoT devices which can help improve battery life and reduce power consumption.

Device Drivers

We build device drivers used in the IoT product to drive devices, including actuators and sensors.

Embedded Firmware Development

We provide embedded firmware development services which include low level firmware, high level firmware and subsystems to power the embedded systems.

Migration of Legacy Firmware

As a development company for customer-specific firmware, we can also help you migrate your firmware from one MCU provider to another.

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