What is Digital Signage?

You know those TV screens you see installed in more & more public areas like stores, restaurants, above gas pumps, food menu boards & lots of other places. Well, that’s called Digital Signage. Build an amazing presentation on your PC and push it to an unlimited number of remote screens to start using.

Manage Your Digital Signage From Anywhere


Connect your SMAC HUB device to an HDMI-enabled display and pair your with device with your SMAC HUB Cloud account.


Choose content from the library or create custom-branded content by selecting apps from your device.


Schedule, and send your content to your display or network of displays with the click of a button. It’s that easy!

Manage Your Content From Anywhere

Creating, updating, scheduling, and serving your content is never more than a click away from your SMAC HUB Cloud Portal.

Why partnering with SMAC HUB

Reduced time to market

Our systems can be set up and integrated within hours. Available for your customers as a white label if required.

Appeals to the end customer

The User Interface focuses on User Friendliness. It is tailored for public transport, with both administrators and customers kept in mind.

Meet all tender requirements

The system can easily be configured and extended to meet all requirements of future tenders.

Operate securely

High-performing and reliable through all deployments over the years.

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