Bulk Order Actions Extension

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  • Compatibility with Magento 2.3, 2.4
  • Community Edition $79
  • Enterprise Edition $199
  • Professional Installation +$20

Backend Credentials

  • Username: demo
  • Password: demo@123

Backend Demo

Key Features


Bulk Order Actions helps the store admin to manage multiple orders

Our Bulk Order Actions extension makes it easy for the store admin to manage multiple orders at once, without having to visit each order page individually. This extension allows you to quickly process orders and greatly improve the handling of your orders.

Because of the flexible extension settings, you can select mass actions that will be available on the order grid. Once you have selected the required actions, they will appear in the Action drop-down menu on the grid.

Features of Bulk Order Actions Extension

  • Perform action on mass orders
  • Generate invoice and shipment at a time
  • Easily manage order status, create invoices and ship orders through the grid
  • Provides slide pop-up user interface for easy access to all functions without redirect to another page
  • Do the shipment for bulk orders once
  • Add more than one tracking number to the Bulk Orders
  • Can write a comment on bulk orders, invoices, and shipments
  • Allows printing of bulk invoices or shipments using a pop-up
  • Customers will quickly know all updates to their orders through emails
  • Easy to configure and customize settings

Merchant Benefits


Using Bulk Order Actions Extension orders can be processed faster than ever before. Combination of creating invoices and shipments. When the store admins would like to invoice and ship orders at the same time, now no need to apply each action step by step.

This extension helps to reduce workload significantly. In addition, the orders have been completed quickly, which makes customers happy & satisfied.

From the grid action allows you to send a massive amount of shipment emails to your customers with just a few clicks.

Flexible Settings

Magento 2 Bulk Order Processing module allows you to update shipping info in bulk. Change the carrier or ship all the products with the dropdown menu. Using the grid, create and send invoices on a grid. It is no longer necessary to open a separate order page each time you have to send an invoice.

To make your customers happy, you must be sent an order quickly. The Bulk Order extension will help you organize the grid views for different purposes according to the store administrator’s requirements. Configure unnecessary columns and boost order processing. More importantly, now you can Configure shipping details right on the grid and even more.