Migration Solution


Database Migration And Solution

In today’s frequently changing IT scenario, organizations want to move up to the latest technologies, attempting to expand their user experience and increase scalability, with an application re-design or a migration approach. Thus, moving on from a traditional desktop environment to a web/cloud platform.

We @ SMAC Softwares GmbH have been actively involved in software Migration for global enterprise clients. Before re-engineering applications or redesigning them to meet the current business needs or market trends, we study and do an in-depth analysis of code reusability, current pain areas, objectives of migration, user expectations etc. and help our customers in deriving the right migration strategy and plan.

Our Key Capabilities
Software migration and planning services Cloud migration and re-engineering services
Cost-efficient Integration services On-site installation of software and applications
Testing and assessing the migration services Complete-production migration and deployment service
Technology and UI Upgrade Code Re-structuring
Platform Transitions Language Conversion

Why choose us for your Data Migration?

  1. Proven track record

We have a demonstrated reputation for delivering fast and efficient data migration projects that include the retiring of old systems if needed.

  1. Improve data quality

By grouping and moving only the data that needs to migrate, the overall quality of your business information will improve.

  1. Compatibility

Since our developers have knowledge of many different technologies, we make the correct connections between systems to automate your migration as much as possible.

  1. Test and validate

Quality and user involvement is at the heart of what we do. We test your migration with the right people and ensure that the data is validated for accuracy.

  1. Thorough planning

Our customers say we take time to understand design requirements. What hardware is being used? How much data is being migrated? And how important is it to the business?

  1. Reduce risk

Moving any volume of data can feel dangerous. Data is what sets your organization apart and you don’t want to lose it. If you would like us to help deliver a timely, efficient and effective data migration project, give our team a mail on info@smacsoftwares.com