SMAC Retail

SMAC Retail Extension helps the store owner to extend the capabilities of a store marketplace by adding a buyer on it. The wholesale module is B2B model-based extension, which helps in the interaction of two business owners on a single platform. It gives the facility to the seller to send the required offer to the buyer exclusively.

AI Content Driven Plugin (tapCLIQ)

tapCLIQ is an intelligent, intent-driven marketing platform for apps and websites. Our intelligent marketing engine learns user intent through conversational engagement and activates marketing, support and content at the right micro-moments to drive highly personalized user engagement. Our vision is to bring a paradigm shift in user engagement experience. Marketing for too long has been associated with bombardment of unwanted messages. We wish to break this and deliver a sophisticated, user driven, intelligent and not annoying experience.

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SMAC Feedback

The Magento 2 Feedback extension enhances customers experience by adding the ‘Feedback’ button and a fully functional feedback form on every page of the website. The store owner can also set Custom Questions with a different type of design for customer feedback. Customer Feedback extension helps store owner to understand customers’ needs about your store and also share product reviews.