SMAC Retail Store

SMAC Retail Solutions Enabling retailers to connect engage and transact with customers digitally, offering personalized experience using beacons and IoT enabled devices.

SMAC Retails System helps the store owner to extend the capabilities of a marketplace store by adding a byer to it. It is a B2B model-based system, which helps in the interaction of two business owners on a single platform. It gives the facility to the seller to send the required offer to the byer exclusively.


  • Highly Customizable Design
  • Order In Bulk, Faster Than Ever Before
  • View Order History Of The Particular Customer
  • Status Management Functionality
  • Speed Up Revenue
  • Flexible And Easy To Manage
  • Enable/Disable From Backend
  • Monitor Your Business

Web-based Retail solution that powers small & medium sized B2B & B2C distributors.


Grocery Store

Food & Beverages

Sport and Fitness

Gift store

Fashion store

Health & Personal Care


SMAC Retail App 

One of the most prominent and important requirements for a retail business is to track the inventory in their store. SMAC Retail App helps you to manage your store’s Inventory along with your mobile. 

You can also find and set product physical location using barcode scanning functionality. 


  • Expand the role of your physical stores with SMAC retail mobile app
  • Multi-store support
  • Add and update the product
  • Add and Update Stock
  • Set Special Price
  • Searching by Product
  • Assign & Unassign Category
  • Faster, Reliable Service for your Store

Kiosk Solution

Kiosk is the digital customer adviser for any type of business. Customers receive all the relevant information about your product, offer, event and any customer information that you want to share. Today we are in the digital world, where most of the information is digitized, so using our POS makes your business completely digital.


  • Easy to set up
  • Increase order value
  • Offer More Personalized In-store Customer Experiences
  • Recommend products for up-selling and cross-selling and inform customers about applicable discounts
  • Check Product Price
  • Find Product Location
  • Run A More Productive, Efficient Store.
  • Save Time On Business Operations
  • Improve Your Customer Service And Satisfaction